Grab interest, First Asian online hypermarket, We delivering the widest range of quality products at your doorstep with happiness for your family, by taking online shopping to a whole new level At ProvisionHop, we go the extra mile to know our associates that we buy our products to ensure that we don’t just deliver fresher and quality products but also for the lowest prices. We try understanding what goes into the making of your food, home needs. We procure from the best company. And we deliver everything in the safest and most hygienic way. The other important fact of ProvisionHop is offering our customers the WOW experience and value. We are mainly focused on customer-centric approach drives our every activity, at every stage. Precisely why, at ProvisionHop, we don’t just deliver products. We deliver a happiness and better life.


Each product item is carefully checked before appearing on PHStore.


All these products are under the brand reputation, with clear origins, competitive pricing, and best quality

Customer Care & Delivery

Customer happiness is very important so we are always available to support our customer through Phone / WhatsApp and Email

We also take care of Delivery of the order as soon as possible with good condition packet delivered

What we really do?

We Import many products directly from company in India – UK – Germany or / and we buy from the importer.

Later through our platform we take the order from the customer and we deliver to them at their doorstep for FREE….


Our aim is to redefine Asian’s product shopping experience @ doorstep by sourcing and serving the very best. Be it the freshest fruits & vegetables, authentic delicatessen, irresistible bakery products and more. For us our customers’ needs is first and to serve them better and offer the best in terms of benefits, quality, flavor and Healthy product.

We believe in creating WOW experiences for our customer and go ahead to serve our customers better. To make their journey an enjoyable one, our knowledgeable and passionate team answers any queries you may have, help one put together to make a perfect team and family.

History of Beginning

When we saw many people struggle to get the Indian Grocery In EU and if they find the product in some store or online the price is very high which was same suffered by the owner of PH when we landed in Netherlands 5 years ago.

In 2017 the owner of PH thought to help our Indians for getting Best product at home step with best price we decided to start online shop which will be very convenient for all Indian